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Pianos as Design Element - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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Pianos Add Elegance, Class and Sophistication

A piano is the ultimate piece of furniture to “make” a room, even if no one in your household plays it! A piano adds elegance, class and sophistication to any setting and any décor, from traditional and elegant to contemporary and modern.

A black grand piano is classic; with white walls and flooring around it, it pumps up the drama. A polished wood finished piano is perfect to complement your furniture and flooring and brown hues in your rugs, upholstery and draperies. A white lacquer piano is also quite stunning.

A Black Piano in a Living Room - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
Piano with Lighting in Living Room - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB

Pianos come in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles; from the largest grand pianos to more petite baby grand and even smaller upright styles.

Before you purchase a piano, think carefully about its size relative to the size of your room because a piano does take up a lot of space!

Then think of the practical issue of lighting. It’s good to have a table lamp sitting on the piano or a floor lamp nearby to illuminate sheet music.

Also think about the wall art you’d like near your piano. Music-related art is always fun, such as framed concert posters, photographs of musical instruments, pen-and-ink drawings of composers or abstract art showing musical themes.

Make sure artwork is hung at the right height above a grand piano so you can see it when the top is open or partially open.

Want a new bold and beautiful piece to set the tone in your living room? Just add a piano! Please contact us for more ideas or for help with your next design project.

January 2016

Piano in Living Room with Art - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB