Adding Mid-Century Chairs - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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Mid-Century Modern is New Again

Want a touch of the Mad Men era in your home? Just add a mid-century chair!

Mid-century design, also called mid-century modern, is more than 50 years old, yet it’s experiencing a renaissance today. That’s because this design style is timeless and distinctive. And although mid-century chairs add a modern touch, they go with most any other design style. They add a focal point to a room and are truly comfortable and functional.

Mid-Century Chair in Living Room - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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Mid-Century Chair with Organic Shape - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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Mid-century chairs are characterized by simple lines without ornamentation, and they are often accented with graceful curves.

Mid-century chairs combine expert craftsmanship with industrial design and manufacturing. They’re constructed from metal, wood, leather, fabric, fiberglass or plastic. They come in almost any color, but tend to be in black, white and tan. Or you can go wild with 1960s colors such as gold and avocado.

Purchase true vintage mid-century chairs at auctions, local antique stores or online. You can also buy re-creations of classic mid-century pieces from many brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms.

You don’t have to change your decorating style to add a couple of mid-century chairs. Celebrate “less is more” with the beautiful lines and curves of a mid-century chair or two. Please contact us for more ideas or for help with your next design project.

December 2015

Mid-century chair in a Contemporary Room - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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