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A beautiful, casual dining spot, shown with Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades from Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
A beautiful, casual dining spot, shown with Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades

A casual dining spot helps people feel at home.

Formal dining rooms are a fabulous part of a house and home. But just because you have a formal dining room, doesn’t mean you can’t have a casual dining space, too.

Why not create a flexible and beautiful spot for unplanned get-togethers and daily family time – from lounging in the morning with a cup of coffee to afternoon homework to late evening talks with a cup of tea? And when guests are invited, it’s nice for them to be close to the cooking action, enjoying a pre-dinner beverage and chatting with the chef!


A casual dining spot is usually in the kitchen or great room, but it can be somewhere else too, maybe even outdoors if you live in a year-round moderate climate! And it doesn’t have to be a stand-alone table and chairs, but instead can be a counter top with high stools or a built-in table with a banquette.

Practicality is key when creating a casual dining spot. You will want to plan for:
– Washable surfaces
– Comfortable seating
– Flexibility to use the space for homework and as a buffet
– Durable materials for chairs or stools, maybe even washable slip covers
– Good lighting, since this area may be used for schoolwork or catching up on email
– Open shelving nearby so family and guests can help set the table or hand the cook a serving dish or pot

A casual dining spot can come in most any decorating style. A contemporary look with mid-century furniture will give off a casual vibe, while a traditional or country look will feel comfortable and safe. Don’t worry about everything perfectly matching in style or material. Part of the charm of casual dining is its unpredictability.

Think kid-friendly, family-friendly, and friend-friendly when designing a casual dining spot in your house. You and your loved ones will love the spontaneity this flexible space provides. For more ideas or for help with your next design project, please contact the team at Fairview Flooring.

December 2016