Decorating in Red, White, and Blue - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB

Red, White and Blue is not just for 4th of July

Red, white and blue is a time-honored and patriotic color scheme that works all year round. Your red, white and blue interior design can evoke the U.S. “stars and stripes” and other national flags, such as the British Union Jack, or you can work with the colors in solids only.

Patriotic home accent - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
Variations on red, white, and blue - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB

You can use this color combination in its typical primary colors or the hues can be modified to a jewel toned sapphire with ruby red or softer pinks and muted light blues. You can even substitute a neutral cream, ivory or beige for clean white to create a calming effect.

Red, white and blue works well in a minimalist zen design for a calm, tranquil feel and is equally effective in a vintage décor that’s filled with details.

Red, white and blue decorating is a great choice for a child’s bedroom. But it also works well in many other decorating styles, particularly if you are decorating with a nautical theme.

Elements to consider in these colors are:
- An accent wall painted in bold red or blue
- Vintage or reproduction fabrics, throws, pillows and table linens
- Folk art pieces with a flag motif
- Antiques, including real flags and distressed wood or metal furniture
- Quilts and bedding
- Wallpaper
- Rugs and flooring

Think red, white and blue for a change in your home environment. It’s a look that will last throughout the year. Please contact us for more ideas or for help with your next design project.

July 2015
Red, white and blue in a child's room - Design Ideas by Fairview Flooring in Fairview, AB
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